Adopting the Holy Spirit’s Narrative

One of my favorite movies of all time is Pollyanna... it’s about a little orphan girl who has the worst circumstances and every reason to lament life, and yet her refreshing disposition transforms an entire town! THATS MY TYPE OF SHOW! For my wedding, I even requested “Pollyanna cakes” inspired by the beautiful layered cakes in the movie and my aunt made them to perfection! (Thanks Aunt Pat!)

[Picture of my wedding cakes]

Pollyanna’s character is known for playing “the glad game” where she finds something “to be glad about” in any and every circumstance she is in! You all know this type of person... someone who is always happy. You hardly EVER find them depressed, discouraged, angry, etc. Perhaps you are one of those people OR perhaps you can hardly STAND those type of people. Perhaps you envy or idolize someone like that... or maybe you are entirely suspicious of this type of person and truly believe that under all their smiles they are just a big phony!

Let me interrupt your day: Pollyanna, in her child-like, unswerving, honest hope is a picture of what EVERY mature, Jesus-lover should look like. Mic drop.

As uncomfortable and impossible as that might sound, it is true and it comes from adopting the Holy Sprit’s narrative on life. You can praise God that it doesn’t come from mustering up your own “joy” or from “faking it”! On the contrary, it comes from being honest before the Father and vulnerably expressing your heart, fears, disappointments, apprehensions and then saying “yet not my will, but yours be done” to God.

What do you honestly think it looks like when your life reflects “the joy of the Lord is my strength”?

Do you think it looks like ‘God makes everything in my life perfect so then I am really joyful’?

Your experience can probably tell you that nothing seems perfect for long...

In every season, every circumstance, with every fear, heartbreak and disappointment, ‘the joy of the Lord is my strength’ is realized when we as broken people, in the midst of a broken world TRUST anyway, HOPE anyway, and LOVE anyway!!! Who or what do we TRUST, HOPE and LOVE?

We TRUST, HOPE and LOVE Jesus, our Good Shepherd!

We trust His leadership over our lives is good and...

- We choose to LAUGH at the cancer or the pinched nerve or migraine headache because it is not the boss, Jesus is!

- We firmly decide to remain in joy because we know our relationship to Christ as a son/daughter has not changed simply because we feel rejected or hurt by a person we value.

- We stir up songs of praise in our heart and sing because we know the end of the story and death and the grave have lost their sting and our eternal victory is in Christ.

- We pray honest prayers of hope, founded on scripture because His promises are eternal & He loves to listen to His kids!

Wherever your words are, your heart will follow!

I could honestly tell you story after story of where I have put this into practice in my own life and it works!!! There have been days where I woke up with nearly a pinched nerve - even recently this happened just days after giving birth to Shayley! - and instead of immediately waking my husband to tell him, or yelling at my kids to not jump on the bed or begin to rework the next 48 hours, changing all my plans, I just silently began to put my hope in Jesus! I praised Him, fixed my heart to remain joyful and trusted that His grace was sufficient whether He resolved the pinch nerve or whether I was going to be bed-bound for the next few days. Not only was my neck/back restored quickly but my day wasn’t ruined for even a minute! This has happened numerous times and it works!

If you don’t allow ANYTHING to be your master, save Jesus Himself, you will never have another bad day again. This is one of the BEST KEPT SECRETS IN THE UNIVERSE!!! You will experience the radical truth that James writes about when he begins, “count it all joy my brothers when you fall into various trials...” [insert] crabby people, court summons, divorce papers, traffic jams, best friend betrayals, confirmation of disease from your doctor, a huge bill you owe, mouthy children, the death of a loved one... fill in your own tragic circumstances...

Jesus does not belittle our hearts, emotions or struggles, but He doesn’t bow to any of it and neither should you!!!

I love you all!



Luke 22:42; Nehemiah 8:10; James 1:2

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