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Some intentional “down” time...

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Mud-puddles fun

Today I am intentionally putting a limit on how much I am doing.

All day I could LITERALLY be running up and down the stairs with dirty laundry, left-behind train tracks... whoops! here’s another forgotton sock I almost vacuumed... used cups left in bedrooms, did I mention laundry?

There are about a dozen cleaning jobs yelling my name... the kids bath needs scrubbing, all my windows seem to be plastered with sticky fingerprints, I seriously need to DOWNSIZE on my kids clothing because IT IS EVERYWHERE... but I chose to make a goal to get my dishes done... alas my dishwasher is currently out of commission :’( ... and a few other things got done along the way - DOUBLE BONUS!

Rowin was a champ and cleaned the whole living room for me so I could vacuum (a first since baby Shayley arrived three weeks ago!). I also scrubbed the kitchen table and swept the floor... which is no small feat especially when you have little messy eaters who thouroughly enjoy eating watermelon, oatmeal and soup WITH CRACKERS...

Why am I walking you through my household cleaning jobs? Partly because I need to remember that I DID get something done today. Lol! But seriously...

1. In a “Dream Big” culture, these small accomplishments of keeping house and keeping my kids alive often seem washed out, when in fact, THIS is part of the very precious ministry the Lord has entrusted to me in this season of life!

2. This ministry of caring for my home and family is just part of my calling and ministry in this season. It wont last forever and I am not defined as a person by my raw amazing-ness or very-real shortcomings as a wife, mom & homemaker...

3. I want to honestly portray how it is OK and probably a good thing for your house to NOT LOOK LIKE a pintrist post 100%... 85%... even 45% of the time! In fact, if it does and you have kids... it probably means you have a few priorities out of order!

My new baby is already getting big and chunky, my toddler is not going to stay fun-size for long and my little fella is a full-on LITTLE BOY who thinks poop-jokes are funny!!! He’s not a baby! With that said, I’m going to let them splash in puddles thereby adding to the laundry pile and putting the tub back into the position of needing a good scrub-down! I’m going to go outside and help them pick out leaves and sticks to glue onto a paper even if it means I’m going to have to wipe the table down, pick glue off the chairs and sweep leaf crumbles off the floor. And I am definitely going to hold my baby & cuddle, read books, watch a movie with the kids or even take a nap during rest time!

I saw a post recently that said something like, “one day your house will be clean, dishes done, laundry folded ... enjoy your children now”! SOOOO goood!!! Let’s re-orient our perspective on life our life & ministry today because every season IS JUST A SEASON. And it will shortly change, so we might as well thank the Lord for it and enjoy it deeply!

Me & my girls



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