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Prayer // For the Church from Proverbs 3

Thank You Father for the Church in the United States of America. May the Church in America also be UNITED. May your church not forget your teachings, but keep your commands in her heart - thank you that by doing so, she might not sin against you, Jesus. Your commands, Jesus, prolong our lives and they prolong the legacy of your church. Your commands are the very BREATH of LIFE amidst your church! Breath into her today. Thank You Father that peace and prosperity will follow as your church adheres to your commands unwaveringly. Deliver her from the fear of man.

May Love and Faithfulness NEVER leave your church. May she bind them around her neck and inscribe them on the tablet of her heart. May Love and Faithfulness define your Bride in this VERY HOUR. By doing so, thank you that your church will win favor and a GOOD NAME in the sight of God and humankind... the WORLD.

May Your Church today...

Trust in the Lord with all her heart,

and lean not on her own understanding;

in all her ways may she submit to YOU,

please make her paths straight!

May Your Church today...

Not be wise in her own eyes;

May she fear the Lord and shun evil.

Thank You that this will bring health to her - and the people of God -

And nourishment to her bones.

Make your church today the epitome of health because of their devotion and obedience to YOU. May true nourishment fill the fiber of your church today! Fill her with your Word.

The pure spiritual milk of the Gospel of Christ.

Lord, may your church honor you with her wealth - not just in speech, but REALLY honor you.

May she honor you with ALL her first fruits - help her return to her first love.

May she honor you with her buildings, her budgets,

her words and statements she releases to the public

May she honor you with her influence and position of authority,

May your church be FILLED to OVERFLOWING!!! Brim her over Jesus with the NEW WINE of your Holy Spirit!!! Brim her OVER Jesus. Fill your church today Holy Spirit.

O Jesus, may your church today not despise the Lords discipline. Make her wise.

May she not resent your rebuke, Father. Lord, You discipline those you love and you LOVE your church today. You delight in your Bride today. May she feel your adoration today. Help the shepherds of your flock respond correctly to heaven-sent correction.

Blessed is your church when she finds wisdom,

blessed are your people when they gain understanding.

Your Word is more profitable than silver

and yields better returns than gold.

Thank You Father for giving wisdom to the United Churches in America today.

Your Word, Jesus is more precious than anything this world has to offer - more precious than rubies, million dollar checks, keys to the city, presidential acclamation... anything. May the Wisdom of God be on the very TOP of each churches shopping list. Give Your church wisdom today and may it bring her long and fruitful life. Riches and honor. Plant wisdom in your Church like a tree of life.

You are saying to Your Church today,

Beautiful Bride, do not let wisdom and understanding out of your sight,

preserve sound judgment and discretion;

They will be Life for you,

an ornament to grace your neck.

My wisdom, Church, will make you beautiful in the sight of this perverse generation.

With MY wisdom, you will not slip into compromise and become obsolete.

With MY wisdom, though you live in treacherous, wicked times,

you will rest in my Love and not be afraid; you will enjoy my sweet Peace.

Beautiful Bride, do not fear sudden disaster

or the ruin that overtakes the wicked,

I am at your side and I will never leave you or forsake you,

and I will keep your foot from being snared, I care deeply about you.

I uphold my part of this Love Covenant,

uphold yours, beloved.

Thank You Lord.

May Your Church today...

Not withhold good from those to whom it is due,

especially when it is in her power to act.

Jesus! May Your church today live peaceably with her neighbors!

Unify your church! Reconcile neighboring pastors.

Holy Spirit bring to remembrance grievances between pastors, brothers, and neighbors that grieve your heart and inspire each person to make restitution. Cause forgiveness and mercy to rise in hearts today. Thank you for giving us the ministry of reconciliation. Reconcile your bride to yourself today - reconcile her across denominational lines, racial lines, generational lines across the United States of America!!!

Make your Bride spotless today. May she look like you Jesus,

meek & humble - not vying for power like the world does.

Not greedy and vain like the world.

In any way she has conformed to the evil pattern of this world,

wash her with the water of your word today and make her clean.

Remove perversion and hidden sin from your Church today, may we detest it.

Restore our friendship with you Jesus, today. Bring us into Your confidence. We want to be your friends who you share your secrets with. Heal our brokenness, Jesus. Make us righteous through the blood of Jesus. Bless our homes, bless our churches. Help us to be humble.

Make your church wise today. Don't let your Name be put to shame in this nation!!!

Let it be done.

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