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Michael & Melody are another delicious pair of M&M's.

Since meeting on the school bus and falling in love, Michael & Melody have been a power-house team for the Lord. Adding fuel to the fire, music to the party and butter to the popcorn, God has blessed them with three amazing kids who get crumbs all over their car and add insane amounts of laughter to their life. They currently reside in South Kansas City where they are part of the International House of Prayer.


Michael is committed to Jesus and works as a full time intercessor and worship leader at IHOPKC. When he is not telling 'dad jokes' or other people about Jesus, he is singing. Check out his music on YouTube or tune into the 24/7 prayer room livestream and you might catch him! 

Melody is a full time mom alongside working as an executive administrator in the Partners Department of IHOPKC. When she is not feeding her small tribe of humans, she likes to share God's heart through writing, check out her most recent post here.

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